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IMPORTANT! A bug inside the website prohibited the contact form from delivering your messages… I just found out. So if you are still waiting for an answer, I am VERY sorry. Please contact me again, it is now working perfectly again. 

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Bernd Kiltz and I would like to be your personal guitar teacher in Frankfurt am Main!

This site is especially directed to English speaking people living in Germany. As I studied Guitar at the Los Angeles Music Academy, I can offer guitar lessons in English language.
I have been teaching students in both German and English for over 20 years now. Asides from being a teacher, I am a professional live and studio musician and I have released 5 guitar educational books (in German).

Besides the certificate of completion from LAMA, I also have a German Diploma in Jazz and Pop Music from Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts.
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In my lessons, you can learn:

– Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar
– All necessary techniques for playing like strumming, finger-picking, alternate picking, hammer on/pull off, sweeping, tapping and so on.
– All styles you are interested in including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Djent, Country, Folk and many more!
…all of this is taught in a professional style and an atmosphere that makes learning fun and  ensures that you learn what YOU want to learn!

If you want to have your lessons in your lunchbreak and cannot bring you guitar, you can use one of mine – no problem!

There are 3 ways to take lessons

1) You can come to my studio in Frankfurt Bockenheim and take lessons there. The costs are 180,- Euros per month for 3 Lessons 45mins or 120,- Euros for 2 Lessons 45mins.
2) You can get a 5-or 10 Lessons Pass (for 5 or 10 lessons of 60 minutes), for flexible appointments within 6 months or a year: 380 Euros (5 lessons) or 750 Euros (10 lessons).
3) If you don’t live in Frankfurt – you can always take lessons via skype. The price is the same as in 1; Lesson Passes are available as well. Very good internet connection and webcam required!

My Books:

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You can take a one-time demo lesson in my studio which is 30 Euros for 45mins. Just contact me here.

The subscription is flexible and depends on how long you are staying in Germany for. It can be cancelled any time if you are moving abroad.   If you are not moving and would like to cancel the lessons  you can always do so  with a 3-month notice.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the contact form

P1030291And by the way: It is NEVER to late to begin! I teach everybody at every level from 8 to 80… And ANYBODY can learn how to play the guitar. Only the will to get better and enough time to practice (minimum 15mins 4 times a week) is required – I do not believe in “talent”, or to be more exact you do not need talent if you want to have fun with the guitar!

Best Regards, 

Bernd Kiltz.